I don’t read much but I love writing. Going to bookstores helped me learn how people choose titles, design book covers, and price their work.

But not this time.

I had to meet someone, at least that’s what my calendar says.

We agreed to meet at Gramedia Bandung.

I know the person. I know the face. I know the name. We both used to met but this is our very first time we’ve met in personal circumstances. I found her on the Novels shelf, meaning she knows what she’s doing there.

I greeted as usual, she replied with a cute answer.

She had me when she smiled at me.

Then we went to KFC Merdeka for dinner. I know it’s not a good choice, but at least we both kinda like fast food. We didn’t talk much but I guess we both enjoyed our conversation until the restaurant closes orders.

We talked about everything, we kinda relate as we work in the same industry. I stared at her while she talk. She looks kind. And smart. And hard worker. And cute. And independent. And lovely. And, ok, I had to stop. She looks shy yet I know the reason. She seemed to know that I was always staring at her as she was always telling me to stop doing so. I’m very grateful that I can hear so I know her voice and tone.

Then the restaurant closed.

And the night came.

We know we still want to talk but time tells otherwise.

We both have to go home.

I looked at the night sky,

and it was already dark.

Then I looked at the time on my phone,

it was December 27, 2019 22:28 WIB.