It was a sunny day, my friend and I were on the bus to go somewhere. I don’t know exactly why I am here while I know how to get to my destination and this path is not the way.

“Turun disini aja, yuk?” I somehow asked my friend when the bus operator said we were in Sawah Besar right now.

“Lah, kenapa?” He replied suspiciously.

I know this place more than anywhere. Nothing special about this place but I know the name of a place after this. After debating with my own mind for the X time, I eventually decided to get off at Mangga Besar which is the stop after this station, and I know exactly what the name is.

“It’s been 1 year, I guess”. I was talking to myself as we arrived and walked to the Starbucks which was near our stop.

I can’t think anything but something that has a 0.1% chance.

I know this Starbucks and so does the “Grand Paragon mall” which is the building in front of it. I’m not doing anything here but waiting.

Waiting for nothing, to be exact.

“Makan yuk? Deket sini ada KFC” I suggested my friend for lunch.

It’s 3pm and I’m still waiting for nothing, but we’re now at KFC, at least.

I have a schedule to go home at 5.30 pm but I am still stuck in this place since 2 pm.

Or maybe since late 2020? Idk.

Eventually we decided to go. I’m going back to Bandung today and my friend is going to his hometown in Tangerang. Before I went to the bus station I decided to take a little walk to the place I used to love.

In the distance I saw someone who looked very much like the one I used to know.

I walked towards her.

Damn, she is her.

I don’t know what to say as this happened by chance.

“Masih kenal aku?” I asked her, as an opening. Just in case she really can’t realize who I am as a human being.


There wasn’t much conversation going on, just 3 words overall. She was waiting for her taxi when I looked over at her phone. Not much has changed in her, I should know this person.

I really miss her and inner her.

“Ngapain?”, she said.

I don’t know why I’m here and accidentally run into someone I’ve probably been waiting for since 2 hours ago.

I lied, since a very long time ago.

I couldn’t answer her question but playing phone for no reason as I was so nervous that I accidentally meet her here.

“There must be a reason” I talked to myself.

And then she left me and got in the car shortly after, she didn’t seem to care about my answer.

My brain and body seemed to stop working.

I couldn’t do anything but watching her leaving.

I let her go again.

I burned my cigarette as usual and didn’t move an inch while wondering why she left me without any farewell or something.

“There must be a reason” I talked to myself.

I let her go again.