So this happened. I went too far down the rabbit hole and let myself drown in ngidol. Even though I’ve never been to the “Theater” (despite fX Sudirman is often my go-to place after work) I know that they—the idol group—have something called a “setlist” a.k.a Lagu Panggung from Pajama Drive to Cara Meminum Ramune.

Some songs are not available on mainstream music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music for some reason, so it’s actually understandable why some of the songs here are relatively underrated. I found it partly from concerts/festivals and the rest is from my free time while waiting for the CI/CD pipeline to complete.

This is an “evergreen list” and I will update it as soon as I find it and play it at least 48 times a day. I share it to the internet as I have no reason to keep it to myself.

  1. Kereta Kedewasaan1
  2. Musim Yang Selanjutnya1
  3. Fajar Sang Idola1
  4. Jiwaru Days2
  5. Kesimpulan yang sedikit membuatku malu setelah beberapa hari berpikir akan berubah seperti apakah hubungan kita jika di jalan yang penuh pohon rindang kukatakan Indahnya senyum manismu dalam mimpiku2
  6. Seventeen2
  7. Value Milikku Saja1
  8. Musim Panas Sounds Good1
  9. New Ship3

JKT48 is a sister group of 48 groups, so some songs are adaptions of the original with slight adjustments from the arrangement to the lyrics.

I know that my taste in music (or everything in my life) is questionable. But whenever I’m down, getting lost in JKT48 songs sometimes becomes my sweet escape. In joy and sorrow.


  1. Update 17/09/2023: Available on Apple Music, finally. 2 3 4 5

  2. Update 29/10/2023: Available on Apple Music, finally. Thanks, JOT. 2 3

  3. Update 01/11/2023: Available on Apple Music (under Mahagita Vol. 2).